• Bearing Units

    Bearing Units

    UBC bearing units are widely used in many industries, such as mining, metallurgy, agriculture, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, conveyor system, etc.


    Bearing unit is of a double sealed ball bearing installed in a housing, which is convenient for installation. The outer diameter of the bearing is spherical, so the bearing has a certain self-aligning performance in design, and is suitable for the shaft alignment of the mounting. The bearing design has a two-lip-seal that can operate in harsh environments.

    The housings are casted with gray cast iron, and come in a wide variety of configurations, including vertical housing (P type), square housing (F type), boss square housing (FS type), boss circular housing (FC type), diamond housing (FL type), ring housing (C type), slider housing (T type), etc. The bearing can be fixed onto the shaft either by set screw or by adapter sleeves.